Ambit Wall Lamp


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Presenting the Ambit Wall Lamp: a sophisticated blend of modern aesthetics and fine craftsmanship, thoughtfully designed by TAF Architects, recognized globally for their quality and design. This stylish lamp offers you not only the functionality of a lighting solution, but also adds a chic charm to your interiors.

About the design

Its distinguished feature is the swivelling arm, adjustable to a range of 120 degrees from the wall bracket, enabling you to focus light exactly where it is needed. The lampshade, hand-painted aluminium, contributes a soft form to the overall design, presenting a downward flow of light. It can also be rotated 60 degrees to either side, giving you the option to choose between direct and indirect light as per your preference.The Ambit Wall Lamp comes with an integrated switch for convenient use. Versatile in nature, it is ideal as a night light in your bedroom or as a task lamp above your workspace. The lamp is designed with an additional wall bracket, making it easy to incorporate the wiring into your wall seamlessly.

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