AAS 33 Bar Stool


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Presenting the About A Stool AAS33, a versatile bar stool from the acclaimed About A series. This distinctive design carries the transformative capacity that the series is known for, with options ranging from a minimalist plastic version to a more substantial, fully upholstered model.‍

About the design

The AAS33 features a gracefully curved backrest that seamlessly integrates with elongated, elegant wooden legs, creating a visually compelling profile. Its streamlined aesthetic and robust construction make it perfectly suited for public environments such as bars or restaurants, while also being a comfortable choice for informal gatherings and meals at home.The stool's height is adaptable to various needs, offered in two different sizes. It can be personalized further with a variety of wood finishes, a vibrant spectrum of color options, and a selection of upholstery materials, allowing you to tailor the stool to your specific design requirements. The About A Stool AAS33 encapsulates modern aesthetics, functionality, and adaptability, making it a valuable addition to any setting.

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