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The About A Lounge Sofa from HAY is the perfect companion for smaller living spaces or apartments, echoing the same minimalist principles and adaptability that are central to the series it comes from. A seamless blend of two lounge chairs, this design offers a unique synthesis of form, balancing aesthetics with comfort.‍

About the design

Inspired by the charm of simplicity, the About A Lounge Sofa has been sculpted with curvy lines that create an organic expression. Its open and welcoming structure invites close and intimate interaction, while also providing ample space and comfort for relaxation.The sofa is crafted to accommodate two people and features a fixed seat cushion that is securely attached with Velcro. The customizable options with varying oak finishes for the legs and a wide selection of colours and fabrics, including leather, for the upholstery, allow you to tailor the sofa to match your style preferences and interior decor.

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