AAC 123 Chair


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The AAC 123 Full Upholstery chair from HAY's About a Chair Collection, designed by Hee Welling, is a perfect blend of comfort, formality, and functionality, ideal for dining and office spaces.

About the design

This chair is part of HAY's iconic About a Chair Collection, which features a range of chairs with unique designs and purposes. The AAC 123 model is distinguished by its higher backrest and thicker padding, available in a variety of iconic textiles and colors from renowned brands and HAY's own variants. The chair is composed of a wooden frame that creates a cozy and organic expression. The curved design of the seat is complemented by a wide selection of beautiful textiles, modern materials, and functional details. The chair's molded polypropylene seat is covered with 20-50mm polyurethane foam and fully upholstered in the desired textile, with legs in matte lacquered oak. The chair is an original design by Hee Welling for HAY.

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