30 Degrees Pendant Lamp


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Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and modernism with HAY's 30 Degrees Pendant Lamp Medium, elegantly designed by the renowned Johan van Hengel. This beautifully crafted lamp epitomizes the simplicity and utility that contemporary design has to offer.‍

About the design

The 30 Degrees series features veneered oak lamps that utilize a unique 30-degree angle to establish a seamless woodgrain pattern, bringing an element of nature into your living space. The name of this stylish lamp derives from the angular tilt of the shade, which adds an artistic touch to the overall design.This medium-sized pendant lamp has an exquisite oak plywood shade, delivering a warm, inviting light that creates a pleasant atmosphere in any room. Its lightweight design ensures easy installation, and the lamp's name is inspired by its clever design – the internal cone and inner angle are always adjusted to a 30-degree angle.

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