28.11 Random Pendant Lamp

Colour: Multi-Coloured


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28.11 is a pendant light from Bocci designed by Omer Arbel for 2009. The lamp has eleven pendants that are suspended in a random configuration. The 28 series is an internationally recognized design masterpiece and the incredibly inspiring result of Omer Arbel's exploration of the manufacturing process. When designing an object, he developed a unique glassblowing technique that created its distinctive shape. The result of manipulating the temperature and direction of the airflow in the blue glass is a new elongated sphere with a built-in landscape of satellite shapes, the light beam placed in the frosted glass diffuser. The mirror measures approximately 16.5 cm in diameter and is made by hand, the innovative method giving each one a unique shape, depth, and tone.

About the design

28.11 is available in several colors and clear glass and is easily mounted with a jack that plugs into the ceiling grid. The frame is made of white lacquered metal and can be made square or rectangular. The cables come standard with a maximum length of 300 cm and are pre-adjusted during production, so they cannot be adjusted afterwards.

Bocci offers the 28 series in 90 different shapes which, depending on the number of pendulums, can be arranged in a random or grouped configuration.

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