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BOOK1 finds its home in the city's former main library, a historical gem dating back to 1934, and proudly preserves the original architectural charm. This design hostel offers guests a choice between avant-garde "pod dorms," drawing inspiration from the opulent capsule hotels of Japan, and private rooms featuring distinct sitting and sleeping areas. The interiors exude an industrial ambiance, characterized by concrete beams, chrome light fixtures, and a sophisticated grey color palette.

Adding a playful touch to the space, you'll encounter unique features such as an Airstream-style cocktail bar, whimsical wavy sofas, and a room adorned with suspended teepees. Imagine expansive areas, abundant natural light, and a selection of one-of-a-kind furniture options—a perfect embodiment of the current trend where hospitality design takes center stage in the 'Instagram Moment.'

Nickolas Krabbe Bjerg, the CEO at Brøchner Hotels, acknowledges the shift in guest preferences, stating, "We know from our guests that they want to be surrounded by cool design...but at the same time, they want to prioritize budget for experiences, culture, and gastronomy." This insight shapes the ethos of BOOK1, offering a blend of chic design, affordability, and a focus on enriching experiences in culture and gastronomy.