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Typically, airports serve as bustling public spaces prioritizing function over aesthetics due to the sheer volume of people passing through. Nevertheless, Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen architects sought to infuse the Aarhus airport with a homely atmosphere, aiming for an inviting and elegant ambiance that counters the usual stress and haste associated with such public spaces.

The entire exterior boasts a metallic gold hue, complemented by extensive glass sections that flood the airport's interior with natural light, contributing to a serene environment. Pioneering in hospitality and customer experience, the terminal stands out as the first of its kind, exclusively adorned with contemporary Danish design from the globally acclaimed HAY design house.

Interior and industrial designer Mette Faarup Jørgensen, of AMPM Design Studio, expressed the objective of creating an airport that defies the conventional expectations. Utilizing high and low back Silhouette sofas, along with Rebar coffee tables and Uchiwa Lounge tables, they fashioned a personalized and comfortable travel setting reminiscent of a welcoming living room.

In the pursuit of cultivating privacy and intimacy, Mette Faarup Jørgensen strategically incorporated New Order shelving systems as room dividers. This not only delineates small, intimate spaces but also facilitates storage and display, enhancing the overall experience for travelers.