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Adapting to Industry Trends: How Reevela Stays Ahead of the Curve

Adapting to Industry Trends: How Reevela Stays Ahead of the Curve


The hospitality industry is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors. Companies like Reevela are leading the way by adapting to these trends and offering innovative solutions. This blog post will delve into how Reevela stays ahead of the curve by leveraging technology to enhance the guest experience in hospitality settings.

The Role of Technology in Hospitality

According to a recent article from the School of Hospitality Administration, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the hospitality industry. From robotics to artificial intelligence (AI), these advancements are helping businesses pivot their services and products to meet the evolving needs of consumers. Reevela's omni-channel concept, which turns hospitality venues into design showrooms is a prime example of this technological adaptation.

Robotics and AI: The Future is Now

Robotics and AI are transforming the hospitality industry by making services smoother, faster, and more efficient. Reevela's innovative visual lookup technology and machine learning algorithms ensure instant and accurate results when guests scan objects that pique their curiosity. This not only enhances the guest experience but also supports local craftspeople, designers, and artists.

Personalization Through Machine Learning

Today's consumers expect personalized services and seamless processes. Reevela's machine learning algorithms help in identifying the objects and providing detailed information, thereby offering a highly personalized guest experience. This aligns with the industry trend of using AI and machine learning to understand and cater to individual customer needs.

Mobile Ordering and Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of mobile ordering systems. Reevela's platform allows guests to scan objects and make purchases right from their mobile devices, offering a seamless and efficient buying experience. This is particularly relevant as the industry moves towards more digital and less staff-intensive models.

Revenue Sharing: A Win-Win Situation

Reevela's business model includes a split revenue model that allows venues to earn money per sale of any item scanned at their property. This innovative approach not only benefits the guests but also provides an additional revenue stream for the venues, making it a win-win situation for all parties involved.


Reevela is setting a new standard in the hospitality industry by staying ahead of technological trends and consumer behaviors. By focusing on innovation and customer-centric solutions, Reevela is not just adapting to industry trends but is also shaping the future of hospitality.

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