SK4 In Between Dining Table

Smoked Oiled Oak


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The &Tradition In Between SK4 Dining Table Round, by Sami Kallio is designed to adapt to your home with seamless Scandinavian simplicity.

About the design

Designed to partner together, the SK4 s design derives from the design of the In Between Chair from the same collection. The table takes the curvature of its design from the backrest of the chairs and the angles of the table legs reflect the angles of the chair legs. The SK4 table has the ability to pair with up to 5 In Between Chairs, an ideal dining solution for the family or to welcome guests. The shape of the table itself is intended to aid modern living and modern interiors, creating a sociable and intimate dining environment. With wood-turned table legs, the traditional techniques applied are in homage to Kallio s love for Scandinavian heritage and traditional wood crafting.

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