Secto 4200 Pendant Lamp


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The Secto 4200 Pendant Light is a classic piece of Finnish lighting design, known for creating diffuse and natural lighting. The slatted shade is crafted from Finnish form-pressed birch.

About the design

This pendant light is a justified classic in lighting design, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. It is ideal for placement over a dining table or in groups in various spaces. The Secto 4200 provides a soft, ambient light, making it a versatile choice for different interior settings. The pendant comes with a 1.5-meter textile cable with a plug. The dimensions of the light are W 30 cm x H 60 cm x L 30 cm with a diameter of 30 cm. The Secto 4200 Pendant Light is available in white, complementing a variety of interior styles.

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