Rituals 3 Table Lamp


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Introducing the Rituals Table Lamp, a sublime creation by the acclaimed design duo Ludovica Palomba & Roberto Palomba, crafted for the renowned Italian lighting manufacturer, Foscarini. Featuring an elegant off-white hue, the Rituals Table Lamp embodies a harmonious biomorphic shape reminiscent of a natural bee hive, seamlessly merging the realms of design and nature.

About the design

At the heart of its design, a stained glass shade delicately rests upon a tri-legged brown metal stand, casting a soft, warm glow that is sure to enrich the ambience of any room. Whether placed in a lounge, living room, or study, the Rituals Table Lamp promises to not only illuminate your space, but also elevate its atmosphere.

Beautifully complementing any existing decor styles, these exquisite table lamps are more than just a functional piece they are a statement of refined taste and artistic sensibility. To create a cohesive design story, pair the Rituals Table Lamp with the Ritual Wall Lamp, also by Foscarini, for a harmonious and sophisticated look.

The Rituals lamps are not just objects, they are expressions of exquisite craftsmanship. Their hand-blown glass structure is graced by thin engravings, a tribute to the artisanal art of grinding. The smallest variant, Rituals 3, is noted for its compact volume that enhances its versatility, and its creased surface that emanates a warm, radiant light.

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