Rime Pendant Ø45

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The shape of the Rime pendant Ø45 is reminiscent of an acorn, while its sandblasted surface is inspired by the expression of ice and frost. Combined, these elements result in an incredibly elegant minimalist lamp with a timeless design fit for practically all homes—whether classic or modern.

About the design

Once the Rime Pendant had been designed, it took four years for the pendant to go into production. The search for a manufacturer who could deliver a lamp in the desired shape—and of the desired quality—was a long one. In the end, they found a glassblower in Poland who has been making the glass lampshades ever since. The lamp is available in four sizes with diameters of 12, 25, 37, and 45 cm. You can also choose between four different colours for the cable: black, white, grey, and orange.

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