Puncto 4203 Pendant Lamp


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Puncto from Secto Design is iconographic, well thought out and sustainable design. Puncto has a simple but at the same time exciting expression, which creates both directly directed light and indirect room lighting. The screens on the Puncto pendant are made, in Finland, from PEFC-certified, Finnish birch veneer of the best quality.

About the design

The lamps from Secto Design are innovative in the use of wood, created from an ingrained respect for the woods of the northern hemisphere, as well as the simple Scandinavian design, combined with good dignified woodcraft. The wood from which the Secto lamps are made is produced in central Finland, and is therefore only transported short distances. At the same time, during production, there is a great focus on recycling and sorting materials, for example sawdust is recycled to make wood pellets for heating. Puncto creates a pleasant light over, for example, the dining or sofa table.

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