Palissade Dining Bench


Variant: Anthracite

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The Palissade Dining Bench in Anthracite from HAY, designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, is part of the elegant Palissade outdoor furniture series, known for its simple design language that makes it easy to use and arrange in various settings.

About the design

The Palissade series is a collection of robust outdoor furniture with a simple design language, making them suitable for everything from backyards to larger public parks or small outdoor cafés. The design of this series is based on a uniform design language, created from round metal tubes and metal slats. This simple design has allowed the Bouroullec brothers to produce a wide range of different versions of Palissade, including benches, stools, and chairs. The Palissade outdoor bench is a simple and minimalist bench with a light appearance, making it ideal for most places in the home. It can be used on balconies, in greenhouses, around garden tables, or any other suitable location where its beautiful form and functional design can be appreciated.

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