Orchis Italica


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Orchis Italica is a unique art print (30 x 40 cm), with only 100 copies printed. The artwork is created by the Danish designer Camilla Holm Pallesen. Each copy is signed and numbered by hand. The collection is printed on handmade paper from Funen, so each art print will be entirely unique, with slight variations in the paper's appearance and thickness.

About the design

Noeje's art prints are made in Denmark in collaboration with the Funen company Papirværk, which produces the paper by hand from recycled paper waste without using glue, chemicals, or wood fibers.

In this way, Noeje works together with Papirværk to create beautiful art prints from paper scraps, thereby reducing paper waste. The paper gains a lovely tactile surface, with small specks that tell the story of a natural material in circulation.

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