Japan Sofa 2-seater

Walnut | Watercolour Butterscotch Yellow

Variant: Walnut | Watercolour Butterscotch Yellow

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Even with the Japan Sofa's simple construction, Finn Juhl remained true to his idea of emphasizing the distinction between the carried and carrying elements by separating the backrest from the supporting frame using brass brackets.

About the design

The sublime simplicity of the Japan Sofa is a far cry from some of Finn Juhl's earliest furniture designs and is inspired by traditional Japanese building techniques. The solid horizontal backrest, resting on the slightly tapered legs, is a reference to a Japanese temple door. The backrest ends in a circular recess, adding an optically refined impression with great effect. That was very typical of Finn Juhl, who famously said that deviation is in the detail.

Finn Juhl’s partnership with the furniture manufacturer France & Son gave birth to a series of furniture well-suited for industrial production, while staying true to the ideals of simple designs that reigned in the 1950s.

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