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Poul M. Volther's J107 chair combines timeless design with functionality in an exceptional sculptural form. This elegant chair is crafted from beech wood and treated with linseed oil from Linolie & Pigment. The beautiful color highlights the chair as a unique sculptural design that not only adds personality to your home but also creates a visual focal point in your decor.

About the design

Simple Elegance
The design icon is known for its simple elegance. It features three distinctive legs that support the beautifully curved backrest and seat. This construction not only creates a visually impressive expression but also provides strength and stability to the chair.

The chair was designed in the 1950s by Poul M. Volther during his time as head of FDB Møbler's design studio. We have returned to the original production machines that were developed for the J107 chair. Therefore, we use the same machines today that were specifically developed for the J107 chair back then.

Natural Beauty
Each J107 chair is created with care and attention to detail. The natural material creates a unique piece of furniture, where each chair will have its own distinct wood grain and structure.

The linseed oil that gives the chair its beautiful color is made in Denmark by the South Jutland company Linolie & Pigment. The craft company produces the oil using traditional techniques and high-quality raw materials, honoring the old craft processes and virtues of a bygone era.

Comfort and Functionality
The J107 chair is not only a work of art, but it also offers a comfortable sitting experience. The curved backrest and molded seat follow the contours of the body and provide comfortable support.

Whether used as a dining chair, office chair, or as a sculptural and stylish element in the home, the J107 chair adds charm and personality to any room. It can easily adapt to different interior styles and colors.

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