HM4 Drawn Dining Chair

Black Oak


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Introducing the HM4 Drawn Chair by Hvidt & Mølgaard - a piece of Danish design that seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality. A true manifestation of wholesome, honest design, this chair is sure to bring a touch of elegance to any space.‍

About the design

The HM4 Drawn Chair is meticulously crafted using organic materials, adding a rustic yet refined character to your indoor environment. Choose from four distinct wood finishes - oiled oak, oiled walnut, soaped oak, or the latest addition, black lacquered oak. Each finish exhibits a unique aesthetic, ensuring that the chair fits perfectly within your décor.

The HM4 Drawn Chair is not just about aesthetics and comfort, but also about durability. Made from solid wood, form-pressed wood veneer, and hand-woven natural paper cord, this chair showcases robust craftsmanship. The chair is lightweight, with the walnut model weighing 5.5 kg and the oak model 6.0 kg, making it easy to move and rearrange.

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