Flowerpot VP1 Pendant


Variant: Brass-plated

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The Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Lamp Brass-Plated is part of the impressive Flowerpot series, first introduced in 1968 by the pioneering Danish designer Verner Panton, who was inspired by the Flower Power revolution of the 60s and 70s. You can place your Flowerpot lamp anywhere in your home, where the windowsill, above the dining table, on the bookcase are just a few of the most obvious locations. Regardless of the location, you are guaranteed an iconic design in your interior design that is just as decorative as it is functional.

About the design

A lampshade that consists of two circles floating opposite each other, where the diameter of the upper sphere is exactly twice the diameter of the lower one, making them perfectly balanced. The classic and simple design has also meant that Flowerpot has managed to maintain its place and popularity in both national and international interior design all these years, and remains one of the most desirable items to have in your home regardless of generation.

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