Dot Line Suspension

Black Powder Coated Aluminium | Milk Glass


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The Dot Line Pendant Light by Lambert & Fils, with its minimalist style, is a creation of the design studio Lambert & Fils. This pendant light is characterized by its modern and sleek design, perfect for contemporary interiors.

About the design

The Dot Line pendant light features a minimalist and elegant design, making it a striking addition to any space. It is crafted in black finish, adding a modern touch to its appearance. The light is made of aluminum and includes 5 LED G9 bulbs, max 3.5W each. These bulbs emit a warm white light (2700K) and have a total luminosity of 1202lm. The pendant light is dimmable, allowing for adjustable lighting to suit different moods and settings. It measures 183cm in length and 13cm in height, making it an ideal choice for placement over long dining tables or in spacious living rooms.

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