CPH 20 Table Ø90

Black Linoleum | Lacquered Oak


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The CPH 20 Table Ø50 by HAY, designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, is a classic coffee table with a minimalist design, suitable for various home settings.

About the design

The CPH 20 Table Ø50 is part of HAY's classic CPH series, which consists of tables in all shapes for various purposes, where an original minimalist design is the primary thought. This table comes in four different versions, each serving a specific function: coffee table, dining table, and bar table. With a frame in beautiful wood types and tabletops in either solid wood, linoleum, or laminate, the table has a universal design that fits into any home. The base is made of solid oak with either soap treatment or black/clear water-based lacquering, and the tabletop is available in matching wood type or linoleum/laminate surface in the desired color. The legs have integrated height adjustment for uneven floors.

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